1. Why you opted only for Bullion and Energy segments?

Well, it is relevant to state here that most of the traders around the world feature markets trade heavily in both the segments, the reason behind this is bullion market is considered as heavenly metals and they are safe and secured at all times and the energy segment is traded heavily always with high open interest due to high volatility in nature.

2. Why you have not offered multiple choice call alerts?

It is true that in our research we found that the market moves with uptrend or downtrend either continuously or for a short while so naming with multiple choice call alerts is not proper and the market reacts with the changes in political and economical around the globe at that particular point of time the entry and exit points generate.

3. Why you gave a standard thirty point stop loss in all segments with out a target , will it not hit frequently?

The reason is that, we give call alerts as and when the trend entry and exit point generate, so the standard thirty point stop loss in all segments is suffice if you take the positions at the right time, and the chances of hitting the stop loss is least.The target is not given as we are not giving trend call alerts on the basis of probability, so as and when the trend reversal happens or end of the day you have to book profits.